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WCM Concept

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a globally universe manufacturing standard system of FCA that covers all aspects of production activities, such as cost control, personnel training, focused improvement, workplace organization & maintenance, professional maintenance, quality control, safety management, logistics management, environment & energy management, and early equipment management.?The objective is to promote thorough improvement of the performance of the production system through total involvement and to ensure the delivery of high quality and satisfactory products to customers on time, to eliminate non-value-added activities, and to avoid losses or waste in areas such as human resources, equipment, materials and energy in order to achieve the ultimate goal of zero waste, zero defects, zero inventory, zero failures and zero accidents. GAC FCA follows the concept of WCM and adopts the world's advanced production equipment, manufacturing technology and quality control system based on full absorption of FCA's vehicle manufacturing essence and lean production management of many years. GAC FCA is committed to building a world-class leading enterprise that integrates the R&D, manufacturing and sales of passenger vehicles, engines, and parts.