WCM Concept Advanced Processes

Advanced Processes

PRE Shop

The full automatic high-speed press line can produce 17 parts per minute based on different dies.
On-line inspection is performed 100%.

BIW Shop

There are 510 robots in Changsha plant, and the automatic welding rate is 75%, which allows 4 models to share the same production line and supports 100% flexible switching among different models.
The automatic welding rate of BIW Shop of Guangzhou Plant reaches 100%.

PA Shop

The advanced floating coat-free washing process uses water coating materials at maximum.
The industry's leading electrophoretic zero polishing reduces the energy consumption and the emission of toxic and hazard substances.

VGA Shop

The advanced domestic fully automatic and flexible framing process achieves high-TAKT automatic mixed production. Electric tightening tools are widely used, which ensures the safe use and reliability of final products.

ENG Plant

It mainly produces the 1.3T GSE and 2.0T GME turbocharged engines newly developed by FCA, which match with all localized models of GAC FCA.